The 2019 Rugby World Cup

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La classe "sport" a travaillé sur la coupe du monde rugby. Les élèves ont joué les journalistes sportifs :

The 2019 Rugby World Cup

So we all know about the Rugby World Cup that recently started in Japan. It will be the first ever Rugby World Cup to be hosted in Asia. It will start on September 20th 2019. Kick off in Tokyo will be at 7:45 p.m.

France will play its first match against Argentina on 21st September at 4:15 p.m. France will play against the USA, Tonga and England in pool C.

There are 4 pools. In pool A the countries are Ireland, Russia, Scotland, Japan, and Samoa. Italy, New Zealand, Namibia, South Africa and Canada are in pool B. Finally, you’ll find Australia, Fidji, Georgia, Uruguay and Wales in pool D.

The pronostics for France aren’t too good because Argentina and England are better. As you may know, only the first and the second teams will be qualified for the quarter finals. If France wins, it’ll play South Africa which is another outsider of the Cup. Of course we mustn’t forget the favourites : New Zealand and its amazing All Blacks !

To conclude, New Zealand is predicted to be the winner but there might be surprises.

Let’s see !

Sportively yours,

Kim Aureline, for the Sportsman. 4.6