Que savez-vous de la famille Royale d’Angleterre ?

(actualisé le ) par Isabelle Perucho, Marise Maillard

Que savez-vous de la famille Royale d’Angleterre ? Venez en découvrir un peu plus grâce à nos élèves de 6e : The British Royal Family..

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Kate Middleton was born on the January 9th 1982, now she is 29 years old. She has got one brother, James. And she has got also one sister Philippa. The name of her parents are Michael and Carole. Kate married William, on April 25th 2011.
Kate is slim and quite tall and she is very nice. Her true name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. Kate likes to prepare her marriage and has got a normal life but she dislikes pressure around the royal family (example : paparazzi ). She can dress very well and she is good at shooting pictures. She has got a diploma of art history. Before the marriage, she was director of projects and she is very creative.

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